Important information read below please !   Styles In the studio there are artists to cover almost any styles you wish.  Levente : Back in the days I used to work in all styles but this changed over time and I ended up working only in black and grey realistic . Lately...

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Get to know Levente Jakab

Levente Jakab or Levi is the owner and driving force of Levis Tattoo. In this article you will get to know this multitalented artist a little bit better and find out what makes him tick. Levi came to Sweden in 2008. His Gothenburg endeavor started when he rented a...

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Antal Tamasi aka Anti

Antal Tamasi; also known as Anti has made a name for himself in the Gothenburg tattoo scene over the past year. He came to Levis Tattoo in February 2020 as a guest artist and after a couple of visits, he decided to move to Gothenburg permanently. The minimalistic...

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The art of constant development

I know, It sounds like a slogan from a Japanese techcompany. A company that should have fired their marketing director back in the nineties. Besides, isn’t constant development a contradiction? I don't know, but what I do know is that the term ”constant development”...

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Levis Tattoo promo video

A little promo video of our studio made by Tilda . The video actually claims that we have 4 artist working at Levis Tattoo but in reality we are 3 full time and some guest artists every once in a wile

Isabelle Tenblad – Video

A promo video about our very talented colleague Isabelle Tenblad .

Tamas Nyari 

Check out one of our promo videos made by Tilda featuring our very talented guest artist Tamas Nyary alias @summer_T_

Geometrical back tattoo By Levente Jakab

I made this back tattoo in 2020 for a super cool client Clara . She was strong all the way through and I had lots of fun creating this tattoo for her.

Enjoy the short video made by my friend Daniel Popa .