levis tattoo studio Gothenburg

This tattoo studio is located at the heart of Kvillebäcken, on Hisingen in Gothenburg.

At the studio tattoo artist Antal Tamasi and owner Levente Jakab are stationed, where several guest artists also frequently visits. This gives the studio the opportunity and knowledge to work with almost all kinds of tattoo styles there is. 

"To us it is very important that our customer´s feels safe, comfortable and of course 100% satisfied with the result. That’s why we want to guarantee you that our focus will always be on quality, hygiene, comfort and safety." - Levente

What´s new in our studio in Gothenburg:

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New Prices from the 9th of May :

 We charge 10 000 kr/day sitting for all new bookings !

 Personally me Levente going to charge 2000kr/hour for smaller tattoos . 

 You want to know more about prices ? Get in touch with us via email.


Upcoming Guest Artists :

 @summer_t_  - from 20th May 

 @melihanko - from 24th May 

 @filukitti - 20th -26th Juni

 @sagan989 - 4th-8th July

 Books are open!

 Updated the FAQ please read here.



Resident Tattoo Artistss 

Levente Jakab

Hungarian tattoo artist , working mostly in black and grey nature inspired and floral motives .Studio owner since 2012.

Antal Tamasi


Hungarian tattoo artist with a background in animation. Antal works mostly in cartoon style , geomety, fine lines and dotwork. 

Guest Tattoo Artists

Dezso Jakab

 Specialized in geometry , mandals , dotwork and blackwork, Dezso is one of the best one can get in those styles . 


Lina Maria

Colombian tattoo artist, Maria working in black and grey photorealism.

Tamas Nyari

Allrounded tattoo artist working mostly in colors but black and grey wont be a problem for him either . One of the best cover up ortist out there!

Melinda Hanko

 Specialized in old school tattoos with very recognizable unique color palette 

Our Gallery




As an old man with many bad tattoos i can only tell you tattoo that this man levente is a ledgend in the making,i know this as a fact as he has somehow made all of my old(bad)tattoos into works of art! so thanks for all the time and effort you have put into your work for me! long live the king!


Such a talented tattoo artist. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my tattoo. I will definitely be back for my next piece.


Levi is a perfectionist, which makes him an ideal tattooist. You wan’t someone who cares as much about the tattoo as you do. Besides the tatooing, he’s also very creative and is willing to help you develop your unique design. 5/5