Levente Jakab or Levi is the owner and driving force of Levis Tattoo. In this article you will get to know this multitalented artist a little bit better and find out what makes him tick.

Levi came to Sweden in 2008.
His Gothenburg endeavor started when he rented a small room with a hairdresser on Teatergatan.
That was followed by a period in a small studio on Linnégatan. After two years Levi packed up
and moved to Hisingen. Now you can find him and and his entourage of tattoo artists in a fairly
big but cozy studio in the swiftly expanding neighborhood of Kvillebäcken.

Getting in to tattooing
Levi started out his career many years ago, in the same manner as many other artists, a friend
had bought a machine and asked Levi if he wanted to try.
”I tried the tattooing machine and instantly I knew that this is what Im going to devote my life to”
The very next day, Levi went to his workplace and started spreading the news, that he was getting
in to tattooing. Thus far he had no clients but that was about to change.
– My first client wanted som text, it read Carpe Diem; corny I know, but that was the way to go
back then. I remember being very nervous, almost shaking, but It came out alright and the
customer was happy. I actually met her a couple of years after and it looked good; you could still
read it 🙂

Artistic upbringing
Levis mother was a painter, he grew hanging around other artists in the Budapest creative
community, he was mainly drawing and from an early age his aim was to become an artist in that
field. As for many other young talented kids, his interest faded in his senior school years. He
stopped drawing for many years and didn’t pick it up again until his late twenties.
Levi made a name for himself as a realistic style type of artist, that has changed over the last
couple of years and like so many other artists, he has progressed in to other styles.
Levi masters everything, from old school to geometric patterns and everything in between.


If you had to do one style for the rest of your career; what would it be?
– At the moment I’m really in to this freehand floral style and Im very happy about my customers
trusting me with it. I don’t think that I would want to do the same thing forever though, you need
change now and then, you need to try different things or you will not evolve as an artist.

Did you have a role model when you started out?
– Maybe not as much role models, more as sources of inspiration.
I watched the Hungarian big name artists mostly and wanted to be as good as them, They inspired
me because they broke new ground and was very innovative.

What do you mean by ”breaking new ground”?
– You know, back in the day tattooing was not nearly as accepted and popular as it is today.
But the artists did it anyway, they evolved and got better and better even though the market was
limited. They pushed technology so that needles, ink got better and they perfected the arts.
They broke new ground.
What do you do to relax and were do you get your inspiration?
– I go to the gym to charge my batteries, I believe its really important to exercise and I enjoy it.
Not only lifting weights but paddle, bicycle and whatever.
– I am an observer, my inspiration comes from everywhere, I look at my surroundings and translate
what I see in to artwork. I can study a petal from a flower and try to remember the texture and
You have done this for a while now; do you approach your work with the same enthusiasm
today as before, are you still curious?
– I was much more enthusiastic in the beginning I could work days on end without pausing, now,
its more a normal course but I’m still loving this. If I’m on holiday or away for a week or two, Im
really longing back to work. My work is very meaningful to me.
On the private side, whats your interests, your favorite, food, music, movies and such?
– Yeah, I love all the bad stuff, Pizza, pasta and such, but I try to eat healthy as well.
I mostly listen to electronic music and when it comes to movies, I have to say that my favorite
movie of all time is Back to the future.
Do you have any pets?
– No
If you were to get a pet, what would it be?
– A mouse, I think they are cute.
You have been here for a long time now, what o you miss about Hungary
– The weather, Its the only thing that I miss. I tried to accept it but no, the only downside to
Sweden is the weather.
Is there anything else that people should know about you?
– Lets save something for when we meet, I love to get to know my customers and that little small
talk is really important, so make a reservation and I will tell you all about it.

Writen by Lasse – Kvillefoto.se