Important information read below please !


In the studio there are artists to cover almost any styles you wish. 

Levente :

Back in the days I used to work in all styles but this changed over time and I ended up working only in black and grey realistic . Lately  I feel the need to work again in different styles. At the moment I would like to focus on floral tattoos so I will prioritize those requests. I created a Pinterest folder where you can see the styles I like and I would love to tattoo .

To check the styles click : HERE 

Isabelle :

Isabelle wishes to focus on realistic style at the moment.She will take booking requests ONLY via Instagram!

Antal :

Antal has a unique animation style. Check him out! He is also comfortable doing smaller tattoos , text , or any other style requires nice clean lines or shadings. 

Guest artists :

Each of our guests has special skills when it comes to styles . Please follow up our updates to see who will come next and who is working with your preferred style .

What is our rate?

Our minimum is 1500 Sek ( no matter how small )and we resident artists typically charge 8000 a session for larger pieces. ( we work on your for at least 5-8 hours). Guest artists are usually taking 1500 / Hour  . 

Where are we located?

The Studio is located In Kvillebäck Gothenburg. Address is : Jöns Rundbäcks Plats 6.


Typically we are booked out in advance with 1-2 tattoos a day. These take up the majority of our day at work. However we try to squeeze in SMALL walks in tattoos throughout our day or week. Best way to follow us on Instagram to get notifications about possibilities.

How do we book an appointment with you?

First please fill out the contact form on this page! Please let us know in detail what you would like to have tattooed. Size, placement (left, right, arm, legs, calf, bicep, etc.), colour (bright colours, vintage, etc.), b&g (line work, dot work, etc.). If you have any reference photos please attach these as well. Please let us know what days work best with your schedule.

All bookings do require a deposit of 1000 Sek for me to reserve your date. This can be done through PayPal or Swish or Cash. 

All deposits are non-refundable. Any cancellations will result in loss of deposit. Rescheduling possible of course .

Do we fix tattoos/?

Yes we do sometimes. Please attach a CLEAR photo of your existing when filling out the Tattoo Inquiry Form. After you submit your form I will schedule a consultation day to discuss your possibilities, and to take pictures in-person of your tattoo that needs to be fixed/covered up.

When can you see your drawing?

So every artist does this differently . We usually work on a very tight schedule . That means at least 5 tattoos a week . So for us to find time days before your appointment is very difficult . However we understand that some of you need to see design before your big day. That’s why it is very important that you choose your artist right . If you are comfortable with your artist and you place your trust on this person it means a lot to us and we will try our best to create the right tattoo for you . But sometimes we want to draw your design on the spot . This is because like this we can create the design together . So if you don’t like something in the drawing you can say it very early in the drawing process . If we draw for hours and turn out that the concept was wrong from the beginning it can be very frustrating . I hope that makes sense .  

What if I don’t like my drawing?

You’re supposed to love your tattoo so if any minor changes need to be made the day of your appointment that is not a problem  It is our job to exceed your expectations for your tattoo. Please be familiar with our tattooing style beforehand. This is why it is very important to be AS DETAILED as possible for your tattoo design description that way we can prevent any miscommunication

Finger tattoos?

Yes We do !  Please be aware that finger tattoos do not heal up the best. We normally don’t charge for touch ups. But in this case we do every time to touch up a finger tattoo.

What should I do before my appointment?

Couple of days prior to your appointment you can use some body lotion on the area you are going to get tattooed . Also you can start drinking more water than usual. Helps you hydrate your skin . Don’t drink alcohol days before your tattoo appointment . Try to have a good sleep the night before . Being rested will help you with the pain . Please eat a good meal before your appointment and wear proper clothing for me to access the area I will be tattooing.

Can I bring my kids?

I’m sorry no.

Can I bring my friend(s)?

During covid times I’m sorry no.

How much are you going to charge me?

As long as you provide us all the information for your tattoo design We can give an estimate. This does not guarantee a price . We can give a better estimate once the drawing is completed. Tattoo prices vary on size, placement , color , or black and grey. Usually 8000/day or 1500/hour .

How can I book with you sooner?

As long as you are as descriptive as possible with your form and ready to leave a 1000 SEK deposit, We can book you on the earliest date our schedule allows. The more detail you provide, the less time we will spend emailing and the sooner we can get you into the shop!

Best Regards ,
Levente Jakab 
Artist/ owner of LT studio