I know, It sounds like a slogan from a Japanese techcompany. A company that should have fired their marketing director back in the nineties. Besides, isn’t constant development a contradiction?

I don’t know, but what I do know is that the term ”constant development” describes my philosophy perfectly when it comes to tattooing, even if its cheesy.
Over the past seven years I have worked with numerous styles and techniques. Right now I do a lot of free hand flowers in black and grey fine lines and I love it!

Realism was a big thing for a while, and It still is. I love realism too. The thing is, Its easy to get stuck in a style and let it define you as an artist.
Even if I could have been the undisputed, heavyweight champion of the world in realism, I wouldn’t do it, if it ment doing nothing else. Imagine a chef perfecting his pasta Carbonara to a degree where he have customers lining up for hours to get lunch. I think that after a couple of years that chef would be pretty sick of carbonara.It’s not about reinventing yourself, Its just about development, you need to grow as an artist and that includes discovering new shit once in a while, or rediscovering old shit.

Like old school sailor tattoos, I love that style and would like to do more of it, but that doesn’t mean It’s the only thing I want to do. I believe that as long as you are curious and willing to discover, you will continue to grow as an artist and enjoy your work for a long time. I cant imagine doing anything else, I still jump out of bed in the morning, well figuratively speaking, It’s more of a slow crawl but the point is, I love my work, and hopefully that reflects on the results.

Hit me up with your ideas people!